We are setting some baseline numbers to work off for the SQUAT CYCLE that we are kicking off this week – YAYAYAYAYAYAY! So, be sure you’re here to have accurate numbers to work off of.
A. Warm-Up:
Tips and Techniques to master your front and overhead squats today
Work on your overhead position
Work on your front rack position
Open up hips
45min to establish an overhead squat and a front squat (see below for 1RM squat protocol)
D. Post-WOD Recovery:
Foam Roll Quads

The Official CrossFit For Glory “1RM Squat Protocol”

**Be smart about how you approach this. The goal is to hit a 1-rep max, so have an idea of what you want to hit before you start.**
That doesn’t mean it has to be 600 pounds above your last one. Fractional plates can make the difference between a make and a miss. Speaking of misses, if you do miss an attempt, drop the weight down and after waiting 3-5 minutes, try again.
Start below 50% of your current 1RM, performing sets of 5-7 reps for the first three sets. Drop down to 3-5 reps once you approach 80%, then do singles or doubles up to 90%.
Rest during your lighter, warm-up sets should be 60 seconds or less. During the heavier sets (85%+), you should be resting at least 2-3 minutes. There is a reason that you have at least FOURTY minutes to establish this maximum – use it!
Before you attempt your projected 1RM, you will perform a walk-out. This means you will add 10% above your projected 1RM, walk out of the rack with the bar on your back, stand there with an absolute tight mid-line for 5-7 seconds, then walk back in. DO NOT attempt to squat it. After resting for about 3-4 minutes, attempt your 1RM. Don’t forget to remove the extra 10%!!**
Lastly, let’s talk range of motion – if you can meet the requirements outlined in this post in performing an air squat, then you are expected to do so in performing the 1 rep max today. ALL coaches have been instructed to NO-REP you if you do not pass below parallel when you are able to do so. “Close Enough” does NOT equal a successful rep. When in doubt, video your attempt and send it to me. Like another athlete of mine does – That’s a 200kg front squat folks…440lb…ATG!

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