Jay and I just got back from an incredible weekend at the Outlaw Way “Para Bellum” Training Camp in Sarasota. My head is still spinning from the sheer amount of volume of information that was dumped on us in the course of 3 long days. Stay tuned over the next week as I plan to write a full review of the entire camp, what it meant to us as coaches, and most importantly what it means to you all as athletes at CrossFit For Glory. In short, it was awesome and we’re going to continue making you guys and gals more awesome! In the meantime, here are some quick highlights:
– Day 1: Not an hour into the whole thing, Jay pulls a warm-up snatch (barbell only) so closely to his body that he breaks his nose. NO JOKE!
– Day 2: In an effort to redeem himself, Jay became the star of the show when the coaches called out a max effort set of pull-ups. As people dropped off the bar one by one, even yours truly, all eyes turned to Jay as he was just flying over the bar with absolute precision and fluidity. Rudy, the head guy in charge, literally made everyone stop what they were doing to come watch Jay. After stopping him mid-set (a huge bummer IMHO – he was on his way to 75 pull-ups), Rudy says “You guys want to know what the perfect pull-up looks like? Watch this guy.” It was then that CrossFit For Glory was put on the MAP!
– We got to meet this incredibly gifted athlete:

IMG 9583
Jay and I with Elizabeth Akinwale…just ‘google’ her…NOW!

A. Skill:
Foam Roll Lats
3 RFT –
25 Burpees
Run 800m

people working out in a group fitness class


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