Memorial Day Murph…5/25/15

Tomorrow (Monday, May 25th) is Memorial Day. Within the walls at CrossFit For Glory and the greater CrossFit community worldwide, the military presence is unquestionably massive. After all, active duty military and first responders were the first groups to truly embrace the CrossFit program that you all have come to know and love.
As is tradition, we will be performing the Hero WOD “Murph.”
We will begin at 9am and will start off with Lt. Col. Jay Bradley present to give a speech about the significance of not just the WOD, but most importantly the holiday itself.
I would also like to take a second and personally thank all of the military families at CrossFit For Glory:
– The Gonzalez Family
– The Brandt Family
– The Gallemore Family
– The Lyons Family
– The Johansson Family
– The Kretzschmar Family
– The Lowery Family
– The Fuller Family
– The Ferguson Family
– The Fieo Family
– The Cockman Family
– The Bradley Family
– The Engelker Family
– The Sullivan Family
– The Worthington Family
– The Johnston Family
– The Albright Family
– The Raney Family
– The Grdovic Family
– The James Family
– The Kirkham Family
– The Dean Family
– The Juergens Family
– The Siebold Family
– The McNerney Family
– The Whiteman Family
– The Baker Family
– The Dejong Family
– The Thompson Family
– The Gaydosh Family
– The Clark Family
(If I left anyone out, I’m sorry, and please let us know!)
As for the WOD – for those that have done it, you know what to expect. For those that have not, I promise you won’t be disappointed. And as always, YES, it is scalable!
So before the BBQ’s, pool time, and beach activities with family and friends, come out and hear from a member of the local FishHawk community about why this day is so important.
See you there.


Run 1 Mile

100 Pull-Ups

200 Push-Ups

300 Air Squats

Run 1 Mile

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