Marc's Last WOD…8/20/15

For those not aware, today is Marc Z’s last WOD with us before he goes off to college at UCF! He said he’d be at the 6 o’clock class, so if you want to WOD with him or wish him good luck, thats the class to show up at!
A few months ago, I solicited his mom to write a little something for me about the impact that CrossFit For Glory has had on Marc. Here is what she had to say:
“Hi Josh,
CFG has made a HUGE impact on Marc and I bet anyone that’s been there as long as he has is able to see it. He started showing an interest in working out about a year before he joined CFG. When he was a member at Snap, he lost his baby fat by lifting and doing cardio but his real transformation came once he became part of CrossFit For Glory.

So little and cute!
So little and cute!

I suggested to Marc many times to give CrossFit a try, who wouldn’t want to work out with their mom?? Then one day his friend, Alex, showed an interest and that is what got Marc to finally give it a try. I still remember both of them coming to their first Saturday morning class…and Marc never looked back!
Competition mode!
Competition mode!

Marc has gotten stronger and faster since joining CFG, those are the obvious changes that everyone can see, but real transformation has occurred on the inside. His confidence has increased 1,000%. He was always modest, never wanted to take his shirt off, even at the pool…now we can’t get him to keep his shirt on! He’s proud of himself, he is so much more out going. He is always trying to improve, always challenging himself. Everyone is now seeing the Marc that I have always known.
One of a few shots I could find where his shirt is ON!
One of a few shots I could find where his shirt is ON!

He loves being at the box, he loves the people there. He fits in and that is priceless. I give all the credit to you, Josh. He looks up to you and I know being a part of your community is a huge part of him making good choices in the future. Thank you for that.
One of the BEST WOD faces   - EVER!
One of the BEST WOD faces – EVER!

Marc, the daily antics at the box won’t be the same without your daily presence. We’ve all seen you mature before our eyes from a quiet, shy boy into a very mature, strong and confident young man. It’s always bittersweet to send off a high schooler, but we know that you’ll do wonderful things in the next chapter of your life. And plus, we all know that you’ll be back every chance you get. Good luck Marc, don’t change ONE THING about yourself!
Man, just look at those long flowing locks...Stare deep into the eyes...
Man, just look at those long flowing locks…Stare deep into the eyes…

A. Weightlifting:
15min to Heavy 5 UNBROKEN Front Squat
Athlete’s Choice
15min AMRAP –
Run 200m
10 UNBROKEN Front Squats (135/95)
D. Post-WOD Recovery:
Back Foam Roll – 2min

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