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Marc Z

Sitting down to write this is easily in the top three most difficult things I’ve had to write. While most people don’t cope well with change, I actually find comfort in it. However, this trait doesn’t make what I’m writing about any easier. 

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I think many of you know by now, but if not then here it is: Coach Marc Z will be moving on as a coach at CFG to pursue a new path in just a few weeks. I will let him share the details of that, as I’d rather spend the remainder of this post sharing what he has meant to me, the staff, and all of the community at CFG. 

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Believe it or not, when Marc joined CFG more than seven years ago, he wasn’t the first Z-Team member to join. He wasn’t even the second! That honor goes to his mom Pam and dad Greg, respectively. When Pam finally told me he was ready to come workout with us, I’ll never forget her words to describe him: “He’s a big dork.” Of course, she followed that up with the typical showerings of a proud mom talking about her son, but truer words were never spoken. I loved it because that is me too – a big dork, nerd, geek, weirdo. Except I’m bald and he’s got wonderful hair.

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Marc has embodied everything I’ve ever wished for in a staff member at CFG – he smiles incessantly, he’s a part of everything the community does, shows up every day, and trusts the process in the pursuit of health and fitness. Minus a few trips here and there, a week hasn’t gone by where Marc and I haven’t spent time together in service of making things better for all of you reading this. Most weeks, we spend hours together. 

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When we rewrote our intake process for new clients a few years ago, he was in the driver seat. I just peppered him with questions. 

When we did it again last year, it was because he approached me to say: “We can do this better. We have to.” And we did. 

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When he started programming for the group a few years back, we’d spend hours sitting down each week and go over the details. He was highly invested in ensuring everyone had a great experience every time they worked out with us.

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When I tossed out an idea of doing a weekly podcast, he jumped at the opportunity to sit and listen to me rant, every.single.week. Ask Mandy, that is NOT an easy thing to put up with! 

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My personal mission in life is to lead others to genuine fulfillment in their lives, no matter what that is. And although knowing that Marc will not be a coach is bittersweet, it is truly a win in my book. It really warms my heart. 

Marc, on behalf of everyone at CFG today and all those you’ve impacted in years past, thank you. You’ve created a lasting legacy in our community that won’t be forgotten. And since you will be working out with us more regularly now, please be sure to reserve your spot in Wodify and wipe down your equipment! 

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