Magic Little Pills?

Ok guys, important topic here. I know that we’ve touched on this a few times at the gym with some of you, but here is that article that I told you about in regards to (not) using Ibuprofen:
The gist of it? First and foremost, follow the advice of your doctor. Second – athletes (yes, all you CrossFitters out there are athletes!) concerned with better performance should not be taking this stuff to do away with pain. It stops the body’s natural process to heal itself. Inflammation after a hard workout is actually a good thing! You don’t get stronger/faster/quicker while you’re working out, your rest and recovery (especially good sleep) is when you get better.
Now you’re asking yourself “but what do I take when my muscles are sore after he just made us do all that crazy stuff at the gym?” Your best bet is to make ice your new best friend. And if you want a short reprieve from the pain, pop a few Tylenol – just DON’T make it a habit. This is serious stuff.
Want to talk more? Hit me up next time you come in for a WOD!

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