Lots of Changes…For the Better! 4/1/14

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Look at all that space!!

Well, our first official day is DONE and we had a phenomenal showing starting with the 5:30am crew (seen below) and finishing out with the 7:00pm crew. We went over a few new house rules tonight about keeping our new home away from home nice and clean, but if you missed it don’t worry…I’ll be reiterating it like a broken record all week long. And then, you’ll see them posted. One thing to note: on day 1, they guys have won for keeping a cleaner bathroom than the ladies! Nothing major, but an interesting observation nonetheless…
Over the course of this week, you will notice a few things amongst our posts:
1. The workouts will be scaled back quite a bit to give you guys a chance to recover from the past five weeks. We’ve hammered you all pretty hard and need to give your bodies a break. So, this week we will focus on learning about some of the new toys you will find at the box.
2. We will detail some of the changes that you will see coming, such as: additional class times, an “open gym” option, the return of our CrossFit Kids classes, the kickoff of our High School Weightlifting program, as well as some events we’ve got planned down the pipeline.
3. Many of you have taken note of the new TVs we’ve got – well, they aren’t just there to look pretty! The launch of our brand new electronic scoring and WOD tracking software is only a few short days away. I CANNOT WAIT to show this off!
4. Many more…stay tuned!
And now, onto today’s WOD:
A. Skill:
Rowing 101
Mobility 101
For Time –
500m Row Buy-In, then:
12 Ring Dips
24 KB Swings (53/35)
Oh yea, for you “leader boarders”, here are the final standings. To Michael Grant, give it a bit for everything to update!

And the individual ones: Guys and Gals

people working out in a group fitness class


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