LBM Experiment Recap…3/9/15

Couple of quick announcements/reminders:
1) If you are doing the Open WOD on Monday, as either a 1st attempt OR a make-up, you are on your own. We will be continue running Mondays as normal classes so you will need to warm-up and get ready on your own. You will also need to have someone ready to judge you unless a coach is available. We can help you with the logistics of the clock. Remember – there is an ‘Open Gym’ hour from 6-7pm you are free to use as well.
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So we officially concluded our first ever Lean Body Mass Experiment a little over two weeks ago when the Body Fat Test truck was here to take updated measurements. To say that this “experiment” was successful would be a massive understatement. From a body composition standpoint, EVERY SINGLE PERSON dropped a bit of body fat off of their frame. Read that again – every single person. This was regardless of whether or not they even stayed committed.

Did you see/hear about the winners? Here ya go:

1st Place - Leah 2nd Place (tie) - Pete and Rob Honorable Mention - Marc
1st Place – Leah
2nd Place (tie) – Pete and Rob
Honorable Mention – Marc

Now, getting to those folks that did stay committed…and by committed, I mean they reported their macros to me, were accurate in hitting them, trusted me and the plan, and kept up their end of the bargain (food and WOD). Those folks saw even more incredible results to their body composition.

And this thing lasted just 5 weeks. 5 weeks folks. Thats not a lot of time to see much change, but it is enough to see some change that can motivate you to stick with it. Like most have.

To truly evaluate how well this experiment worked though, it’s only fair that I evaluate it against those that stuck with it the entire time. So from here on out, thats what the following numbers reflect.

From a performance standpoint, everyone improved. Clean and jerks went UP an average of 4% and 2k row times went DOWN an average of 19.8 seconds. Any of you want to lift more and finish your WODs faster, with more energy? Yea…thought so.

But you want to know what the biggest takeaway was for most people? They realized the impact that food truly has not just on your performance inside of the gym but how you function outside of it as well. They also found this to be much more manageable in terms of having a healthy relationship with food. This works for the real world, for good. But don’t just take it from me, here are some tidbits in peoples own words:

“My energy increased. My clothes felt looser. I have been measuring my waist/hips/neck which have all gone down in size.”

“I have consisted lifted heavier and my clothes are getting loose. Down 3 out of the 5 pounds we figured the day of the body fat test!”

“I have notice my man jelly gut has gone down. So that’s a plus.”

“I have lost 5lbs and feel great!”

“Overall I feel better. I don’t mindlessly snack, and I don’t really have many (any, even, almost) cravings. Especially for junk food…like I haven’t craved sweets or salty/fatty foods. Sometimes I really get a hankering for something specific, but nothing that has caused me to completely derail my plans.”

“I HAVE noticed clothes fitting differently. I have one particular pair of jeans that I don’t think I can really wear in public anymore because they are getting baggy in some impolite places :)”

“This IS working though…and better than anything else I’ve done thus far.”

“Feeling great, excessive energy levels, relaxed, clear thinking and focused. Really made me aware of what I’m eating by keeping track of it. Very educational. Already dropped a pants size and shirts are looser. Have to buy a new belt soon as I am coming up to last hole to make tighter.”

“I love this way of eating. I feel great, have lots of energy and my clothes are fitting so much better. It won’t end in two weeks for me.”

“I’ve been feeling great. I’ve been told that I look slimmer yet more built. My clothes feel tighter, but in a good way, as though I’m filling them in. And the best part is that my performance (in my opinion) has skyrocketed. I feel better during WODs and I’ve been hitting PRs nonstop.”

Hmm…sure seems to be some merit to the whole thing, yes? It’s science folks. Fuel your body properly and it runs like a finely tuned automobile. And you get the added bonus of looking and feeling better too. Form follows function…imagine that!

So, where to go from here? Well, if you participated in the LBME and want to sit down and re-evaluate your macros, I’d be happy to do so. We will also be potentially offering some meal prep services too. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves…we need to see what the interest is.

What do you think? What would you all like to see? 


A. Weightlifting:

Split Jerk – with a 15min clock running clock, perform ascending sets of 5. Record the AVERAGE of your heaviest 3 sets



T-Spine + LAX – 2min x 2



 5 RFT –

15 KB Swings (53/35)

15 Burpees


*Note: 15min time cap


D. Post-WOD Recovery:

Quad Smash – 2min ea side

people working out in a group fitness class


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