Hi, I'm Josh!

Today is July 1st, 2019. We are officially half-way through this year.
6 months down, 6 to go.
One of my favorite past times is writing, but admittedly it’s not something that I’ve been doing a lot of lately. “Life” has simply gotten in the way.
But kind of like when I am regular with my workouts, when I’m regular with my writings, I just feel better. So I woke up today and thought to myself: “Self, today you will start writing again.” My goal is simple – write something every day. Probably to you all, so I apologize in advance.
I know what many of you are thinking right now: “Who is this nut job and why should I read what he has to say?”
Fair point.
I should probably back up and start at the beginning. After all, there are many of you who haven’t a clue as to who I am.
Hi, I’m Josh Martin, and I own CrossFit For Glory along with my wife Mandy. We have two kids – Jesse (7) and Quinn (4).
For this first message, I’d simply like to tell you the story of CrossFit For Glory – how it came to be.
In the early months of 2011, I approached my wife Mandy with an idea – I wanted to leave my nice, cushy corporate job to open a CrossFit gym. Shrugging it off, she told me she’d take me serious when I showed her my “business plan.” What she didn’t expect was for me to have it ready. She was shocked! After looking it over, and some deep discussion between us, she told me to go for it.
Want to read the rest? Click here to check it out!
Something that I love getting back are responses to the questions I ask. So here is one: What was the catalyst for you to start with CrossFit For Glory?

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