Heart Broken…1/16/14

20140113 161957I had a post all prepped for today but in the wake of a tragedy that happened this past weekend in the global CrossFit community, I feel compelled to bring it to the forefront of discussion. When I first got wind of this, it was about 6:30am Monday morning. I was trying to shovel in some breakfast and as I read about it, I could no longer stomach anything. Immediately my heart ached for this person and his family. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, a gentleman by the name of Kevin Ogar was injured very badly at a CrossFit competition this past weekend. Going for a 235# snatch, he missed it and dropped the bar on his back – severing his spinal cord at T-11/T-12. There have been a myriad of posts about this, below is one: I want to be sure that you all read this part:
“I think the biggest thing here is that we understand what we are doing, this exercising, this “CrossFit”, is now a full blown sport – one that is growing and growing by the minute. Just like in any sport, there is an unavoidable risk of injury – sprained ligaments, torn muscles, broken bones, and unfortunately, the ones that are much much worse, like the one we all learned about this weekend. It is important for us all to understand that there is no one or nothing to blame here. That may be difficult for some of us. When something bad happens our natural human instinct is to try our hardest to find someone or something to blame. It is usually our way of trying to comes to terms with how and why something so awful could happen. We need to find the strength to trust in a larger plan – even if that seems so ridiculous. We cannot blame the sport, or the equipment, or the event. Even in the safest place and under the safest circumstances we can create, there is an undeniable amount of risk involved in any sport.”
Read the full post here.
Something that frequently goes unknown by most of you is that a large majority of owners (me included) and full time coaches have no health insurance.
Kevin was no different.
In light of that, a fund has been set up for those that want to contribute to his road to recovery. You can check that out here. Let’s continue to show the world how great the CrossFit community is in rallying around those in need.
While you may not know him by name, he’s a CrossFitter. So to me, he’s like a distant cousin.
Kevin, your CrossFit For Glory family is praying for you.


 A. Skill:

Bulgarian Split Squats


What limits your ROM above?


3 RFT –

20 Double Unders

7 Power Snatches (95/65)

14 Box Jumps

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