Halfway There…

I realize this is a rarity – a late night weekend post. I want to take just a minute or two and recap where most of you are at in regards to our summer nutrition challenge.
You all are pretty much at the halfway point. From all accounts that I’ve heard in the gym, you all took my largest piece of advice and learned to PLAN AHEAD. That is way more than half the battle, so kudos to you for that!
As for the results, most everyone is feeling good and has gotten a surge of energy. If that does not describe your situation, let me know – there may be some small tweaks or adjustments to be made. Remember, this is NOT a “One-Size-Fits-All” plan.
Over the next two weeks, it’s really important to remember the other two huge points of this whole thing – you need to come up with a lifestyle that is both practical AND sustainable. The last thing I want you guys to do is get to day 31 and go completely off the wagon. Yes, this is a “30-Day Challenge,” but it is a way to improve your health for the rest of your life. When people tell me that they are coming off meds that they’ve been on for years, that their chronic joint pain has evaporated, or even that their pants are just fitting a bit looser, that is a GREAT thing.
IMG 9319Finally, our ‘Paleo (Cheat) Pot’ is growing…and while the winner will certainly love it, I of course want to see that pile of money be as small as possible. If you do happen to slip up, I just want you to do one thing (besides add money to the pot) – take note of how you feel in the minutes and hours after it. Did you get tired, have an upset stomach, or have trouble sleeping? This is how you LEARN how certain foods affect you.
And in the spirit of sticking to good foods, I will leave you with this thought:
“Mourning the loss of junk food is like mourning the loss of an enemy that would happily see you die.”

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