************* RELAY FOR LIFE ANNOUNCEMENTS ****************

  1. Relay kicks off TOMORROW! The ‘official’ start time is 12-noon. But if we could have people out there to help move equipment around 11am, that’d be great!
  2. We have been tasked with rowing ONE MILLION meters this weekend. We have 7 rowers. That means each rower will need to hit 142,857.143 meters.
  3. If we’re out there for 10 hours (like we were last year), that breaks down to 14,285.71 meters per hour. EASILY DOABLE!
  4. Lastly, Relay is about raising money to help kill cancer. Here is what we are asking for – between now and Relay Day go out and get sponsorships/donations from any and EVERY person that you know! This is how it works – for every dollar that you raise, you will row 100m. That is – one hundred meters. Every single dollar that you raise will go straight to Relay, so don’t be bashful or shy in asking. If the girl scouts can sell Thin Mints (which are delicious), you can certainly sell someone on causing you lots of immense pain by making you row a bunch!Wondering how to get someone to spend some dough on sponsoring you, besides the obvious benefit of cancer research? How about this gem of a post from someone last year:“Do you want to see me sweat? Would you enjoy knowing I’m in pain temporarily? Then donate to my Relay For Life! For every $1 you donate I’ve been challenged to row 100 meters. So far, I’m at 1000-Easy Peasy! You will find the link below. My event is in only 1 week, then you’re chance to torture me will be over.”Post something like that you I guarantee you’ll get a good response!

A. Skill: 15min to practice –
1) Partner Jump Rope (bonus points for face-to-face)
2) Jump Rope Running
For Time, with a partner –
50 Partner Singles
400m Jump Rope Run
100 Air Squats
400m Jump Rope Run
50 Partner Singles

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