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In case you haven’t seen us post about it, or heard about it from your coaches in class, then let’s make it more official – a couple weeks ago, Josh returned to our podcast: “The Art of Coaching.”

In his first episode back with Marc, Josh gave a pretty detailed account of what he’s been up to through COVID, how many companies he has his grubby little hands in (HA!), and some of the BIG plans on the horizon for CFG. Whether you are a new member, or veteran, we highly recommend taking a listen to this one.

The most recent episode, recorded and streamed live on August 26th, went over the brand new CFG App! Josh and Marc also answered some member submitted questions, talked about the role of a coach, movement economy, group programming, and more.

I’m sure many of you are asking “What’s the point?” Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In a nutshell, we want to provide as much value to you guys as possible – our hope is to meet each of you where you are to provide what you need to take the next meaningful step to live a full, happy life.

The where could be anywhere. We’re starting with a long-form podcast that we record and also live-stream. Then we’re chopping that up into other smaller pieces of content – which we’ll call the ‘what.’ Might be a blog post, short-form videos, a pdf, an app, a workshop, basically anything. We want there to be no barrier to someone getting benefit from the platform we have to be a force for good in the community and the world.

What are we asking for from you? We want you to come along and not just be a participant but a contributor.

Like Josh said in that first episode back that we linked above: “We must move from a posture of “we’d like to include you in this” to one that announces “we can’t do this without you.””

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