For the Whiners…I Mean 15.3…3/13/15

I held off as long as I could before I opened my FaceBook page to see all of the whining…er, venting, about the movements in 15.3. You’d have thought that the interwebs exploded when Castro revealed that movement number 1 in 15.3 was to be muscle-ups.
“But it’s supposed to be all-inclusive”
“I can’t do muscle-ups”
“So much for RX’ing every workout”
“I have 14 minutes to attempt my first muscle up!”
“I am going to go everyday till Monday 8pm and try get one.. If I have to do this workout 20 million times I am gonna get at least one …”
“I’ll be in tomorrow to work on it, I know I can do it!”
Oh, my bad, those last three were from people with a good attitude about the situation. Sorry, but it’s time for tough love…
Look, the Open serves two purposes:
1) To be an open and inclusive event to build community within each local box
For those that did the Open last year, what sort of scaling options did you have if you couldn’t do double unders? (You remember that one right? All the hate mail and complaining because it was the first movement of the first workout!) How about if you couldn’t overhead squat 75lb as a female? Or if you couldn’t do C2B pull-ups or T2B? Oh thats right, there wasn’t a scaling option that allowed you to still log an official score. You got a BIG FAT ZERO.
This year, the scaling option exists. Just like it exists in your day to day training at CFG.
How many of you RX every single workout in the gym?
If you didn’t raise your hand in the affirmative, how many of you actively work on those weaknesses day in and day out?
Back in December of 2012, I wrote a blog post about PR’s because people were having a similar reaction as they did Thursday night when they weren’t hitting PR’s as frequently as they thought they would. I encourage you to go back and read the whole thing, but in case you don’t, here is an important snippet:
“Personal Records, or PR’s, are representations of completing a task that you have NEVER done before. They demand two things: a LOT of hard work and time. After all, how many new tasks in your life outside the box are something that you’ve never done before?”
Think a muscle-up could fall into that category?
Want to know what I look forward to as the Head Coach and owner of CrossFit For Glory? Celebrating with the people who will get their first muscle-up because this workout forces them outside of their comfort zone. The Open is great for moments like this because its a virtual certainty that NOBODY would attempt a muscle-up for 14min if given the option to scale on a normal training day.
Want to know what else? I also can’t wait to celebrate with every single person who logs any sort of score on this workout, be it scaled or RX, because you were brave enough to do the Open in the first place. Many were not.
If you still want to cry about it, I’ll have a $20 bill waiting for you tomorrow or Saturday. You just have to do 7min of burpees to get it…
There are a few different versions of this one. Please take a moment to watch the standards video and read through your options in this link:

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