Fit it Forward…Day 1! 3/28/16


  1. Don’t forget, there will be NO evening classes, just our Grand Finale BBQ! We’ll have plenty to eat, so bring em out, bring em out! (Sad hip-hop reference, I know. Blame Allie, she’s a Nole). Oh, we’ll also reveal the winning team!
  2. Relay for Life is April 9th – please sign up!

“Smiling and breathing. These are simple things. Exercising and serving. These are simple things. Being grateful and gracious. These are simple things. Acting with humility. Acting with courage. These are simple things. Some people try to make this business of living too complicated,”
― Eric Greitens, Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life
Some people still have some bets to settle at Monday nights Grand Finale BBQ, but in the grand scheme of things –
The Open is over.
You made it!
If you’re like me, you proved something to yourself on the topic of self-improvement:
1. You’re improving
2. You have the capacity to keep improving
3. You have the opportunity to improve more
In other words, you’re better than you were; can keep getting better; and still aren’t your best. Three tremendous gifts. Thanks, Dave Castro!
The Open is without a doubt the highlight of our year at CFG. Stories abound of our members doing things they NEVER thought they would ever do.
Things that, to others, look impossible.
New skills.
New weights lifted.
PR’s on 14.5/16.5! (Even I did, woohoo!)
I cannot begin to describe the pure joy and pride that surges through my body each year during the Open as I watch each of you push through these workouts. Its utterly inspiring. There is no shortage of surprising performances from all over.

Masters Showdown!
Masters Showdown!

But 2016 has been monumentally different.
Because this year, I was given the unique gift of seeing nearly every single one of you do every single workout. And by “unique gift” of course I mean “coaching the 5:30am class” – HAHA!
But man, I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
No, not even my precious sleep.
One of the coolest things that I witnessed happened not on the workout floor, but on the “inter webs” as nearly all of you posted something about each of the workouts that you participated in each week.
With that in mind, I’d like to capitalize on all the positive feelings that you have right now about the fun you’ve all had with the open and how much you’ve enjoyed sharing that with others.
We will be doing something called “Fit it Forward” this week.
Every evening with our WOD post, I’ll add one small service-based task. Do them. You’ll make someone else happy (and yourself happier in the process.) Since we post the night before, you’ll have time to prepare!
These will be simple things, but the reward will be worth ten times the effort.
For the next five days, your mission won’t be limited to barbells, pull-ups and sprints. Your real mission, in the aftermath of the Open, is to spread joy to your family, your friends and our neighbors.
The way to stay joyful is to share joy. That’s what Easter is about. Sharing joy through service keeps you happy, strong and resilient. That’s our goal.
Be happy, friends.
The key to resilience isn’t resolve or willpower; it’s identifying opportunities to learn and be happy. And the key to happiness is service to others. This is our greatest opportunity in life.
(Thanks to my buddy Chris Cooper at Catalyst Gym for the inspiration behind this!)


A. Skill:

8min EMOM –

Even Minutes: 30s Jump Rope Practice (If you have double unders, you must practice singles. If you have singles, you must practice doubles!)

Odd Minutes: 30s Hollow/Arch Rolls (Start at one end of room and roll to other, holding 2s in hollow position and 2s in arch position)

2 Rounds NOT for Time:
50 Air Squats
Run 800m
50 Sit-Ups

Monday’s Fit It Forward Challenge: Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger.

Feel free to remain anonymous to the newly-caffeinated, but let US know you’re doing the challenge! Tag yourself in this picture in my FaceBook stream (or the CFG facebook page) and make it your profile pic for the week! You don’t have to tell anyone what it means if you don’t want to, but we wanna know that the CFG Family is doing some good out there!


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