Festivus Feats of Strength! 12/23/15

Couple things:

  1. If you couldn’t make it to the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party this past weekend, here’s a link to the pictures.
  2. If you are looking to visit our box over the next two weeks, this is required reading (it includes our special hours): https://crossfitforglory.com/planning-on-a-holiday-drop-in-read-this/
  3. Ever wondered how we develop programming? Here’s a good starting point.


I am perhaps the BIGGEST Seinfeld there is. No, not even the great Dr. Justin Scott, or my college roommate Bobby, know more than me. As such, it’s only right that we celebrate Festivus today with some feats of strength. I’ll air my grievances behind closed doors…


“Festivus Feats of Strength!”

1×1 Back Squat, Heavy
1×10 Back Squat, Heavy
1×1 Back Squat, Heavy
1×20 Back Squat, Heavy
1×1 Back Squat, Heavy
1×30 Back Squat, Heavy

The goal is to hit a heavy/max lift on each set. After completing your first single there are no more warm up reps between sets – only do six sets. If you miss a lift, note the number of successful reps and move on to the next set. Rest as needed between sets.

people working out in a group fitness class


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