Extra Work Week of 5/11/15

Week of 5/11/15

Here are a few ways to go about utilizing this extra work:
1. The box is always open 30min prior to each class – come in then and get to it
2. We stay after most classes (unless the coach has to be somewhere) for 15-20min, you may use that time to complete what you are able
3. We have “Open Gym” hours on M/W/F from 6-7pm. Use it!
4. Do it at home
Caveat – this is NOT meant to replace any of your regularly scheduled programming/workouts. Hence the title “Extra Work.” It is meant to supplement your already dedicated training in order to more personally attack your weaknesses. If I get the sense that people are doing this, I will stop writing the extra work.
General Note – You will notice that some of the categories below (endurance and gymnastics for instance) have multiple days. That is by design. The ‘workouts’ themselves shouldn’t take too long, so do them all to maximize your results.
Endurance Focus – Week 3 of 12
In case you missed this last week – (there were a few questions concerning the difficulty level of last weeks program. As all things under the CrossFit For Glory umbrella, the endurance work can be scaled as necessary. How so? Simple, if the program calls for 8x200m sprints, maybe you only do 4 or 5 until you build up the tolerance. Shortening the distance of endurance work is the easiest way to ramp up to it. Having said that, one thing that I want to make clear is that the goal of interval work like that is to work at a high intensity such that your last interval is within 1-2 seconds of your first interval. This is called pacing. Learning this takes some practice. You don’t want to go so hard and fast on your first couple that your recovery time frame is not sufficient, but you also don’t want to go so slow that you aren’t working hard. Check out this video for more info: CrossFit Endurance Pacing)
Day 1-
10-12 x 200m w/ 90s rest (decide on # of intervals based on keeping times consistent and how your legs feel)
Day 2 –
4-5 x 800m w/ 2:30 rest
Day 3 –
5 mile run @ last weeks 5K pace (this would be the 85% pace)
Strength Focus – right now, we are in week 2 of a 20-rep back squat cycle. For our weekly in-gym programming, I program just one day of squats. However, the program is designed to be done two days per week. If you choose to go this route, make sure you don’t do these days back to back.
Day 1, Week 3: (This is what’s programmed for the gym at-large. This week it’ll fall on Wednesday.)
Back Squat – 1 x 20 @ 5-10lb heavier than last time
Day 2, Week 3:
Back Squat – 1 x 20 @ 5-10lb heavier than last session (for instance, if you did 100lb for your previous session, then do between 105-110 this time around)
Pull-Up Focus – (I haven’t seen too many people doing the body control piece…what’s up with that?!)
Yes, this looks identical to last week…and the week before – It’s supposed to!
Day 1 – Tempo Pull-Ups w/ Goal of Quantity/Volume f/ Strength/Eccentric Loading
5×5 @ 30X3 (3 seconds down, zero time in the hang, jump/pull to top, hold chin over bar 3 seconds), rest 60-90s
Day 2 – Strict Weighted or Band Assisted Pull-Ups f/ Quality/Volume, Hypertrophy
5×10 w/ weight or band that allows you to finish sets comfortably, rest 30-45s
Day 3 – Body Control Practice
Tabata Hollow/Arch Practice – 8 Rounds of Each Movement, 20s on, 10s off (perform all 8 rounds of one movements before moving onto second movement)
Hollow Rocks
Arch Rocks
Hollow to Arch Kip
Upper Body Push Focus – (aka push-ups!)
Day 1 – (don’t do this on Monday!!)
10min Clock – :15 Push-Ups, :45 rest
(chest to the deck…every.single.time.)
Day 2 – Strict Handstand Push-Ups
5 Sets of – 5 reps, unbroken, with the greatest range of motion as possible. Rest long enough to complete each set unbroken.
Day 3 – Ring Dips (or parallel bar)
5 sets of – 5 reps, unbroken. Same rules as day 2 above.

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