CrossFit is BAD For You!! 1/30/14

So I was having a conversation with a good buddy of mine the other day. He told me that he happened across an acquaintance of his that he used to see at the globo-gym back in the day. When asked where my friend had been lately, he responded that he’s been doing CrossFit for about a year now. The other guy responded by saying something along the lines of “Oh you’re doing CrossFit? That stuff is bad for you.”

And it got me thinking that hey, this guy is dead on – CrossFit IS bad for you!
But rather than just say it and leave it at that, I figured I’d list a bunch of reasons to stay away from us. Feel free to add more as you think of them.
CrossFit is BAD for you because:
  • it cares more about how you feel and perform rather than how you look
  • the community gets involved in your life
  • the workouts are hard
  • they make you take it slow to learn correct technique first
  • the workouts expose your weaknesses
  • you lay down in a pool of your own sweat after the WOD is done
  • lifting weights off the ground and over your head is dangerous
  • moving quickly is dangerous
  • gymnastic rings and barbells are dangerous
  • the people high five and cheer for you no matter if you finish first or last
  • they expect you to be educated about proper nutrition
  • they don’t use machines
  • they don’t do back&bi or chest&tri days
  • the coaches make you hate them eventually
  • it makes women too strong
  • they are too supportive of the local and global community
  • they do “Challenges” to improve your overall quality of life
  • they support the military and first responder communities
  • they make you set goals 
  • they demand your personal accountability for those goals
  • they encourage you to leave your ego outside
  • they teach you how to be proactive in preventing injuries
  • it works you above the special “fat-burning zone”
  • you will leave crying at some point
  • it will push you far beyond your physical, emotional, and mental limits
  • they care about how you warm up
  • they will push you beyond your comfort zone
  • they do “legs” more than once a week
  • they consider a squat to be below parallel
  • all this squatting is “bad for your knees”
  • you can’t put on your headphones or read a magazine and veg out
  • anything where you need a coach can’t be good for you
  • it’s too hard for “normal” people
  • its about pursuing REAL fitness



If you are a TLC 2.0 participant and cannot perform your retest on Friday, then today is the day!! You will do it instead of the one below.


A. Skill:

1) 4×10 Pendlay Rows, heavier than last week (Demo Video)

2) 4×10 Good Mornings, heavier than last week


Hammy Stretching!


NOT For Time –

3 x 1min ME Burpees

3 – 5 x ME Wall Balls (20/14) to 10/9′ target

*Note: I realize this one is vague, but it’s only because there is more explaining to do once you show up. It’s worth it, trust me!


people working out in a group fitness class


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