Confidence Achieved Through Hard Work and Dedication!

Our next “Featured Athlete” is Stephanie Ball, someone who has been with us since the old box, no AC days…Here are some things that she wanted to share with all of you! She’s also the Captain of Team WallBallerZ!
What brought you to CFG?   I’d just finished my first marathon and I was looking for a new challenge.  I actually wasn’t even sure what CrossFit was, but everyone looked like they were having fun in those YouTube videos so I figured why not give it a try.
What was your first impression?  My first impressions of CrossFit was…. that workout wasn’t so hard, I broke a sweat and the people are really friendly!  But I wasn’t really sure it was going to be a challenge.
How has that changed? 
I have a love/hate relationship with CrossFit.  There are days I leave saying I’m never going back, that was too hard, why are you torturing yourself! 
I’ve shed a few tears after leaving the box, not because I couldn’t do the WOD, but because I could have done better, I should have done better.  But that’s what CrossFit does to you; it challenges you to do better.
What are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of being able to click the RX button.  I can’t click RX for every WOD, but when I can, I know it’s because of more than 3 years of hard work.
What have you achieved?  I could list the movements I’ve achievement (Pull-ups, T2B, DU, etc.…) but more than anything I’ve achieved a confidence that I CAN do any movement programmed with hard work and dedication.
What is your next goal to hit?
String together at least 10 Butterfly pull-up’s and RX pistols! 
What is your favorite CFG memory? 
I have two actually!  First was the 2013 Tough Mudder with the original 9AM #cfgsweatangels! It was so much fun spending time with everyone outside of the box and working as a team. 
Second, was my first RX Fran! Fran was the one and only time I wanted to take a DNF! But, Josh wouldn’t let me quit, he “made” me finish and I’m glad he did.  I secretly disliked him for about two week after that, but I did it!!!
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