Competitors Template…aka the GOATplan!

It is with great pleasure that I have decided to open up my competitors training program to all of you at CrossFit For Glory – Some of you may also know it by another name, the GOATplan!
(GOATplan stands for “Goal Oriented Athletic Training Plan” and is the brain child of myself and Olly Goddard of CrossFit Fenrir and the Miami Surge GRID team.)
So, who is this for? Well, in short, anyone that feels they want to compete at some level in CrossFit but doesn’t really know what to do.
What will you get? You will still follow our main CFG programming but will get additional customized programming designed to make you a more well-rounded athlete. For example, you will be given access to the following specialty programming: upper and lower body strength, weightlifting cycle(s), midline accessories, gymnastic movement progressions, monostructural/cardio template. There is more…this is just a sample.
How much does it cost? $40/month, includes access to all of our Open Gym hours.
Why? Well, it works. This is not only the same program that Jay follows, but also the one that helped Olly Goddard get picked up by the Miami Surge of the National Pro Grid League and helped Shannon land a UFC magazine spread and a spot in the 2015 Alpha Showdown National Championship. Here are a few more athlete highlights of those following the GOATplan:
– 1 IWF Worlds Masters Athlete, 5th Place
– 1 Pan Ams Silver medalist
– 2 USAW Nationals athletes
– 2 USAW American Open athletes
– 1 NPGL Athlete, Miami Surge
– 1 2015 Open Masters Qualifier, 24th Worldwide
– 1 Alpha Showdown National Championship, 5th Place
– 1 Ivy League Scholarship to UPenn
– 1 West Point Scholarship
– 1st Place 2015 Central Florida Throwdown, Grandmasters Division
So do you have to have competitive aspirations to follow along or utilize this programming? Absolutely not. It its simplest form, it provides a roadmap to those looking to improve their skills at an accelerated fashion.
When? Programming offering starts Monday, October 12th.
If you’d like to be on the list of folks to start receiving the programming, let me or any CFG coach know and we’ll add you right away! Oh, and PLEASE go and “Like” the GOATplan FB page!!

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