The Three Best Books I Read in 2020

If you missed my last post, I recapped ‘Almost all the books I read in 2020.’ Check that one out for a pretty exhaustive list. Today I just want to go over the best three. I think each of them came along at just the right time and taught me lessons I might not have […]

Almost All the Books I Read in 2020

If you’ve been around CFG long enough, you know that we have a team of pretty avid readers. If you listen to the podcast or catch me at the gym, chances are high that I’ve made a personal recommendation to you. I’m also slowly becoming ‘that guy’ who will gift books when the circumstances call […]

What Does it Take to be Successful?

In conversations over the years, I’ve asked and been asked this question more times than I can remember: “What does it take to be successful?” For context, my answers below are in regards to improving one’s health and fitness, but full disclosure – you can really apply this to any area of life. There is […]

Creatine – What, Why, How?

Written by Emily Rulli We all see these influencers on Social Media promoting one supplement or another. Today I’m not looking to promote, but rather educate. The fitness industry is filled will supplements and they can be confusing and misleading at times. The one I am going to talk about today… CREATINE! Creatine is synthesized […]

Strength Versus Cardio

Written by Emily Rulli Which do you find yourself saying more often: “man I really need to get my strength up, it is killing my workouts!!” or “man I really need to work on my cardio, I am gassed during my workouts!!”  Take a moment and ask yourself: 1. WHY am I saying this? And […]

Gaze into the Mirror

This week we focus on two common faults in weightlifting: starting with a downward gaze and starting with the hips too high.  Oftentimes these faults can be linked, but below they are treated separately in the checklist.  Watch the video, and pay close attention to Tyler in the first clip.  First, notice his gaze is […]

Fresh Content!

In case you haven’t seen us post about it, or heard about it from your coaches in class, then let’s make it more official – a couple weeks ago, Josh returned to our podcast: “The Art of Coaching.” In his first episode back with Marc, Josh gave a pretty detailed account of what he’s been […]

Let’s Fix Your Starting Position

“Did you get out on the wrong side of bed this morning?”  More than likely, someone has asked you this question at least once in your life – probably your mom or dad.  Of course, the side of bed you roll out on has nothing to do with your daily mood, but instead is just […]


Good Afternoon CFG! Wanted to give you a CDC-Sponsored (not really) COVID Update. Please take less than 9 minutes to watch this. Some highlights: Current procedure reminders (temp, cleanliness, social distancing, etc) Masks…are they required? How old is the shirt I’m wearing? What happens if someone tests positive and has been in class with you? […]

How to Best Use Data from Wearable Tech

In a previous post, we talked about options that folks have for wearable tech. If you haven’t had a chance to watch that video yet, I’d highly recommend it for context before watching one. Check it out here. The goal of that was video was to help you be an informed consumer when it comes […]