Bulletproof Shoulders – 5 Exercises to Fix Your Shoulders!

Have shoulder issues? Just want to improve their performance and/or health? Here is a quick routine to help! Follow along with Coach Heather of CrossFit For Glory as she takes you through the following routine we call ‘Bulletproof Shoulders.’ Points of performance for each movement are highlighted below:
1. Side Plank Reach Through –

  • Elbow under shoulder
  • Squeeze shoulder blades together
  • Rotate your body and reach your upper arm under and through as far as possible
  • Return to top, squeezing shoulder blades together as you come up
  • 10-15 reps each side

2. Modified Push-Up ‘Y’ hold –

  • Hands under shoulder
  • Back flat and midline neutral
  • Reach one hand straight out and up keeping thump pointing up
  • Focus on keeping shoulder blades back and down
  • Hold at top for 5 seconds
  • 10-15 reps per side, alternating

3. Protraction & Retraction –

  • Set at top of push-up position (modified with knees on ground is ok)
  • Elbows remain locked out for duration of exercise
  • Pinch/Retract shoulder blades together
  • Push-up/Protract at top and round your upper back (we’re trying to spread your shoulder blades apart as much as possible here)
  • Hold for 3 seconds at top position
  • 10-15 reps

4. IYTW –

  • Performed prone (lying face down)
  • Thumbs pointed up for each position
  • I -> arms straight like you’re pressing overhead (in line with body)
  • Y -> arms out slightly (think 45 degrees between perpendicular and parallel to body)
  • T -> arms straight out to side (perpendicular to body)
  • W -> elbows tucked in to side, then think about trying to touch your elbow to the ceiling with each rep
  • 10 reps at each position

5. Side Lying External Rotation –

  • Support elbow on floor is under shoulder
  • Top arm holding a small weight plate (2.5lb is sufficient…yes, even for you buff peoples!)
  • Top arm remains on side of body (elbow on hip bone)
  • Rotate at shoulder joint, keeping shoulder blades back/retracted
  • 10-15 reps per side

Like Heather mentions above, if you have any sort of shoulder issues (don’t we all?!), then this is a quick and easy routine to kick off your training session. After you get accustomed to each movement, this should take you less than 5 minutes. Perform it daily and enjoy the improvements you will realize in your shoulder mobility and stability!

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