Bulky Muscles…aka "Hey Ladies, READ THIS!!!"

I read this post about a year and finally came across it again. I couldn’t have said it better myself, so check out the snippet below and then head over to the full post at CrossFit Southbay’s Blog:
Disclaimer: I have been getting a ton of questions about this topic from both inside and outside the gym, from lots of different people, so this isn’t directed at anyone in particular.  Although, if this topic resonates with you, take the time to read it.  This post is more a psychological and analytical approach to body image, I can delve into the science, but it would triple the length of this post and I would lose most of the people reading.  Lastly, this applies to any weightlifting regimen, not just CrossFit.
One of the most difficult things to fight as a coach is the thought that “Lifting weights is going to make me ‘bulk up’” from women.  My first response is to shake my head and contemplate shoving my hand in a toaster to cure the frustration… Yet, when I stop and think about it, I honestly like the way CrossFit makes my body look.  (In fact, the aesthetic results are one of the main reasons I started weightlifting and CrossFit in general) And I know there are many of us in the gym that wouldn’t be as enamored with CrossFit if we didn’t see aesthetic results in combination with fitness results, so I do think it is a valuable question that needs to be answered.

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