Big News Inside…9/12/12

As I said in my previous post, we’ve got some big news coming out today.  However, I discovered that I fibbed a little bit…I don’t have one big announcement to make. I’ve got more! So, without further ado:
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1. On October 1st, we will be kicking off our “Total Life Challenge!” This is not your regular old run-of-the-mill nutrition challenge, but so much more. We look to really highlight the all-encompassing approach that we take at CrossFit For Glory towards your health and fitness. We are combining FIVE crucial elements in order to drastically improve you well-being: WODs, nutrition, sleep, mobility, and fish oil. Head on over to the newly done TLC page for all the details: Total Life Challenge
2. Learn Yourself – In conjunction with the release of the details for the TLC, we are also unveiling an entirely new section to our website called “Learn Yourself. Go check out the ‘Start Here‘ page, it’s awesome. The idea behind this new area is for it to be a jump-off point for all you athletes (yes, you are ALL athletes) to help figure out what your movement dysfunction is and how to improve it in order to move more efficiently as human beings. We want you to better understand how and why your body functions the way it does. We’ve all got some sort of issue that we’re dealing with at any given time, and the better equipped we are to remedy that, the quicker we can get back on the path to improved performance in the gym and in life. Basically, just like you should know how to change a tire or your oil in your car/truck/SUV, you should know how to do some fairly basic maintenance on your body. This is so vitally important that I made it accessible from the drop-down menu!
3. The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games starts re-airing on ESPN2 tonight, so set your DVR’s and tune in!!!!
4. Speaking of Reebok, for those that don’t know, they are a title sponsor of the CrossFit Games. They also have begun to forge a personal relationship with individual affiliates. In the next couple of days you will notice a brand new banner at the bottom of our website that sends you directly to the site. If you all are even remotely interested in purchasing something from them, wait a few days and get with me so we can put together a gym-wide order. I don’t want to make a huge deal, but there are whispers of big discounts…
5. Barbells and Brews – so apparently this event is getting huge. I got a request today from a DJ who wants to work it…keep telling everyone you know. It’s going to be E-P-I-C!
6. Fans – thanks to Eric Fuller and Ed Radzevich we now have THREE! It’s like a tundra nowadays. See you all i my parka tomorrow…
Oh yea, you all really came here to see how much of the WOD would be revealed, huh?!
A. Skill:
We’ll be squatting
That’s enough for tonight…

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