BethMode Reminder #2…5/23/14

Couple of quick reminders:
1) This Saturday we are participating in the BethMode WOD.
If you’d like to participate, there will be a $20 buy-in that will be donated directly to them. So, if you normally come to the Saturday sessions, this one will be especially memorable. Invite as many people as you can!!
If you’re interested in seeing the WODs ahead of time, go to this link:
But PLEASE don’t get freaked out – as always everything is scalable!
2) This Monday May 26th is Memorial Day. Many of you know what that means – we will be doing “Murph”
There will be only ONE class on that day – 9am.
Bring a friend!


Yep, another benchmark has made an appearance!




For Time –

30 Snatches (135/95)


Want to see what this should look like?

Skip Ahead to 11:30 –

Oh, not good enough you say? Ok, how about at 225lb…with a FULL SQUAT?

people working out in a group fitness class


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