Benchmark Friday…BALLS! 2/7/14

I apologize for the late post, I decided to stay late tonight and WOD by myself…gotta keep you guys honest and let you know that your coaches do WOD from time to time and aren’t complete slouches…
Well, in case you didn’t guess yesterday’s picture, we got in a brand new shipment of bowling balls, so we’ll be rolling them down the lane today…
My bad, wrong blog post.
Us CrossFitters will be doing a benchmark WOD today in honor of the new shipment of wall-balls we received yesterday. Any guesses?


For Time –

150 Wall Balls

20lb to 10′ target for guys

14lb to 9′ target for ladies

(Time Cap: 15min)

Now, because I know how excited you all are for this one, I am anticipating a HUGE crowd. In order to accommodate everyone, we will be running a few heats during our larger classes. So, instead of just sitting around for your number to be called, you will be expected to also complete the following:

15min of focused mobility work

15min of hollow/arch practice

At each of our classes, we will spend a good bit of time talking strategy for this one. It is CRUCIAL to be successful in this WOD. So, make sure you pay attention and keep the liver-lipping to a minimum!!

Lastly, if you want to throw down against myself and Zack, meet at the box at 6PM. Winner take all.

Be like Liam Neeson…GOOD LUCK!

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