Be a Better CrossFitter…11/20/12

A few years ago, before CrossFit became so big and relatively mainstream, I started reading a lot of material from Jon Gilson of Again Faster. Again Faster is mainly an equipment manufacturer, but over the years have grown their business to offer a multitude of other services. One thing that has remained the same though is Jon Gilson’s everlasting style of putting pen to paper in the simplest and most elegant form that very few people can do. Take a minute to read this short article entitled ‘Progress‘ where he breaks down ten simple ways that ANYONE, from beginner to veteran, can improve upon themselves within the confines of the box.
In the comments below, list one or two (or ten) of these things that hit home for you that you will consciously focus on…
A. Skill:IMG 6737
MWOD Drill Work
4 Rounds for Total Reps –
2min ME Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/45)
-Rest 1 min-
1min ME Wall Walks
-Rest 1 min-

people working out in a group fitness class


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