An Emotional Day…3/3/14

This past Saturday we unofficially kicked off the 2014 Open Season with the majority of participants getting their crack at 14.1. There were a handful of people that had to knock it out on Friday and still some have to do it today at some point. Nevertheless its been a blast so far, just as it is every year. However, we’ve decided to do one thing differently this year, namely a custom leader board for people to keep track of their progress. This is also for all of you non-participants to see how your fellow CFG’ers are doing as well.

I named this post “An Emotional Day” because for me, as a coach, it was tougher for me to hold back tears of joy than it was to push through my attempt at this WOD. Yes, I give my full effort to each WOD that I perform, but I think I give more of myself when I watch all of you go through it. Especially when you surprise yourselves!
Last year, quite possibly my most emotional moment came along on WOD 13.4 when our very own Sarah Rowley was faced with a 95lb clean and jerk to start her workout. Up to that point, her 1RM was somewhere around 80-85lb. A few of us were around late on a Friday night and watched as she completed rep after tear jerking rep. It was amazing to witness, and the very reason why the Open is so special to us. People do things that they never thought imaginable. 
As you look at the leader board, it should come as no surprise that one of your coaches, Jay Bradley, is up at the top. While that was one of the most impressive displays of a perfectly exectured pacing strategy (and yes, a tear jerker for me), please take time to pay particular attention to some of the names near the bottom (not the people who haven’t submitted anything yet) – for many of these athletes, they JUST LEARNED to do double unders. Then they faced down a TEN MINUTE WOD with them at the beginning. That is a big deal to me, and it should strike a cord with many of you if you still think you “can’t do this CrossFit stuff very well” OR that you “weren’t ready to try it this year.” CrossFit is for everyone. But remember:

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A. Skill:

15min to 1RM Split Jerk



PVC OH Shoulder Flexion



7 RFT –

7 Box Jumps (24/20)

7 Push Press (115/75)

people working out in a group fitness class


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