Am I a Beginner or Advanced Athlete? 12/18/12

For those that have not taken notice, we have geared different class times towards the beginner and advanced athlete. To get the most out of each session you attend, try to come to a class that best fits where you fall in terms of ability.
Not sure if you should come to a beginner or advanced class? Here are some quick descriptions of our classes:

Beginner Athlete: New athletes learning to identify and properly execute a majority of the movements within a given session.

The beginner classes will focus on teaching the movements, ensuring proper positioning and safe execution.

Advanced Athlete: Athlete can identify and execute all basic barbell and gymnastic movements. While these athletes scale workouts, they are progressing toward limited scaling*. This includes the “Classic Lifts” (clean and jerk, snatch), all squat and press variations, deadlifts, KB swings, as well as all variations of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, handstands, and ring movements.

The advanced classes will focus more on the coordination and positioning to increase loads and/or speed. Basically we’re refining technique.

*Note: Rx does NOT identify an advanced athlete; knowing the movement, and knowing that you need to scale, does. Even Jay and Josh scale movements/WODs occasionally.


A. Skill: IMG 6917

5RM Touch N’ Go Power Clean


Front Rack


3 RFT –

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Double Unders

10 Pistols

5 Hang Power Cleans @ 90% of above

people working out in a group fitness class


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