After Some Serious Health Scares, Leigh increased her strength and cardiovascular fitness immensely!

Before finding CrossFit For Glory:

“Rob and I both had very serious health scares when we were in our early thirties. While we could not have prevented these particular conditions, we realized that we didn’t lead the healthiest lifestyle. We decided to make some changes to keep from developing illnesses we could prevent (or at least do our best to prevent.) Years ago, I walked and used DVDs for my exercise. I found that I tended to repeat workouts over and over, and neglect to really push myself. I joined a boot camp class, which was challenging – for a while. The class was only offered at a specific time, and I could not always fit it into my schedule. In addition, as I got stronger and fitter, I felt that the program was geared toward a specific level of athleticism, with little room for modification. I felt, once again, that I had outgrown my exercise routine.”
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“Exercising and physical activity have always been sources of stress relief and enjoyment for me.

However, when you are not being challenged physically and mentally, these benefits tend to decrease. In short, exercise just wasn’t as much fun anymore. Plus, I was thin, but not all that strong, to be honest. I truly could not complete one pull up or run one mile without stopping. I felt like I was not getting enough from my fitness routine.”
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How has our program helped you?

“My entire family had been members at CFG for a couple of years before I joined. I always said that it was just way too hard for me, and was not my cup of tea. Rob finally convinced me to do a couple workouts with him in our garage. Then, he convinced me to try out a class. I did not attempt any weightlifting moves because I was not familiar with them, but Coach Mark James gave me alternative exercises to do so that I could participate in the workout. That made a big difference in my perceptions of CrossFit. Any programmed workout, prescribed weight, number of reps – ANYTHING – can be modified to fit you and your specific level of ability. As a matter of fact, there were lots of people modifying the workout – not just me. And, everyone was inclusive, supportive, helpful, and just so inviting. This took the fear of not being able to “do CrossFit” away. Foundations with Mark Z. was a great way to learn specific CrossFit exercises and weightlifting, and gave me more confidence. I know that if I struggle with a movement, the coaches are always eager to help me with form my form and execution. Completing the WODs in a group encourages me to push myself, but I am truly only competing with myself – trying to improve on my last performance. The workouts are ever-changing and subject to scaling, so boredom will never be a problem!”
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How is life different for you now?

“Once I gave it a real chance, I found that CFG is perfect for me. I scale just about every WOD, but I have increased my strength and cardiovascular fitness immensely. I can now do pull ups and run that mile, among other things. Most importantly, I am challenged physically and mentally, in a place where I feel like part of a tight-knit community with people I adore!”
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