A Coaches Pledge…5/14/13

As your head coach and owner at CrossFit For Glory, I feel it important to share something that was stirred up in me recently. Well, in all actuality it’s the same resolve I’ve had about this topic since before we ever opened, but I figured it as good a time as any to let it out there.
This is not an attack on anyone or any company, but more so on an idea. And that is one of the CrossFit Groupon, LivingSocial, or other discounted deal as a way to entice people into the box.
My pledge to you is that you will NEVER see, hear, or read about CrossFit For Glory offering discounted rates in an effort to get new bodies into the box. The reasons are simple and straightforward:
First, it severely undermines the value that we place on ourselves as your coaches. We bring a very deep and unique level of experience to the table and believe that it is worth what we charge. Look back at our coach bios and see how they stack up to some others. Having said that, it is up to us to deliver on that value each and every time you step foot into CFG.
Second, and just as important, is that a “bargain basement” rate undermines the value that you, the CFG veteran, have already bought into from day one – at the rate we believe we are worth. If you start to hear about new people trickling into the gym because the price was half off, you would be justifiably upset that you’ve been paying more since you first joined.
Third, those kinds of attempts are great at getting more bodies into the box, but not more members. And I say ‘bodies’ very deliberately because it generally amounts to a bunch of people taking up space. They want in for “the deal,” not because they are looking at making a life-changing decision to improve their health and fitness. Yes, I realize that it does provide an inroad for the few outliers that maybe aren’t sure about CrossFit yet. However, those are not the people that we are after. It takes bravery to walk through that front door, not a cheap price. No, I am not bashing the bargain shoppers at all, so save the hate mail. My wife is the QUEEN of finding good bargains. But there is no bargain ‘CrossFit.’ At least not at CFG.
Would you look for a groupon the next time you’re in a legal battle? How about the next time you need brain surgery? NO, you want the best.
We offer a premium service (expert coaching, nutritional advice, and programming) at a premium price, period.
A. Skill:

IMG 8593
All of our platforms are finally anchored thanks to this guy – Bob the Builder! Be sure to tell him THANKS!

Banded Deadlifts – 7×3 @ 60% 1RM + Band
rest exactly 60s
Stepping Up the Psoas Blast!
3 RFT –
Run 400m
12 Ring Dips
24 KB Swings (53/35)

people working out in a group fitness class


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