14.2…It's Almost Like I Know The WODs…3/7/14

If you were able to watch the live broadcast of workout 14.2, then you are officially cooler than me. I was still coaching our Foundations class while the world learned what brand of torture Dave Castro was placing upon us…and boy is it a doozy.
Now, in spite of the fact that I’ve gotten multiple text messages claiming I’m a prophet of Open workouts, I did NOT have any prior knowledge as to what 14.2 was going to be.
It is worth mentioning, however, that not only did I program overhead squats AND C2B pull-ups on Wednesday, I also did so in the exact number of reps you’d have to complete to make it through round 1 of 14.2
Additionally, I programmed for my superstars (Jay and Olly) a WOD with C2B and OHS the other day as well.
Lastly, I had a knack for programming the movements we’d see later in the week in the Open last year as well.
But again, I did NOT know anything ahead of time, I promise!
Seriously, it’d actually be bad programming on my part to exhaust the exact movements we’d be testing so soon.

So, without further ado, 14.2 is:

10003548 674630399245488 946271840 n

 I HIGHLY recommend that you take a moment and visit this link to be familiar with the standards. Just be sure to click on Week 2!


Prior to each of these Open WODs, your coaches will have some strategy/tips to give you in order to help you maximize your score. Maybe keep the chatter to zilch during that time??


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